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6 Websites for Sugar-Free Recipes

Sugar-Free Recipes for Good Oral Health Bloomingdale, West Loop, ChicagoSugar is notoriously bad for your teeth. Sugar that sits on your teeth plays a role in forming harmful plaque that leads to tooth decay. It is essential that you brush and floss your teeth every day to get rid of the sugar and plaque that forms, but it is also a good idea to eat foods low in sugar to prevent plaque from forming in the first place. Nowadays, it seems like everything has sugar in it. So how can we keep our mouths happy and healthy when it seems like all the food around us is loaded with sugar? Luckily, there are some websites out there with delicious, sugar-free recipes that you can make at home that will keep your teeth free of pesky sugar!

Spoon Full of Sugar Free
This young blogger has completely cut sugar out of her life due to a severe intolerance, and wants to use her knowledge of all things sugar-free to help you cut back on the sweet stuff. The website is a big collection of recipes, suggestions, and product reviews aimed to help you live life without sugar. Her message? Living life without sugar isn’t only possible—it’s delicious!

I Quit Sugar
I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson is a one-stop-shop for all things sugar-free. This blog proves that every meal can stand to cut out sugar. You can search for recipes by course, by dietary requirement, by occasion, or by allergy. If you’re looking for an archive of recipes—look no further than I Quit Sugar.

Natural Sweet Recipes
Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice sweetness when you cut out sugar! There are other natural ways to satisfy your sweet tooth that aren’t quite so bad for your oral health. Dessert really can be delicious without adding sugar!
The Healthy Apple
Amie Valpone’s website focuses on how to detox your food and your life. These recipes will help an all-around healthy diet that minimizes sugar and fat intake and maximizes nutrients. This is also a great site to discover options for those of you with food allergies.

Sweet Smarts
Where do adorable graphics collide with creative substitutes for sugar-filled sweets? Sweet Smarts, that’s where. Make sure to read the different recipes, because some avoid sugar completely, while some avoid unnatural processed sugars and opt for the natural stuff. Try to look for the options that skip the sugar altogether.

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