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Braces vs. Invisalign

Posted on August 18th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Options for Orthodontic Treatment Everybody wants a beautiful, straight smile and the confidence that comes with it. When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it can prevent us from having the confidence we all want. Fortunately, there are many options available to get the smile you’ve always wanted. An orthodontist can help you straighten out […]

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What Makes a Good Family Dentist?

Posted on July 25th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Family Dentistry What does your toddler, your teen, your husband or wife, and your parents or grandparents all have in common? They all have teeth. Well, that might not be true…but regardless, they all need a dentist! Not all dentists are created equal, though. It takes a special type of dentist to cater to the […]

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Emergency Dentist West Loop

Posted on July 12th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in West Loop? Nobody plans for an emergency. Life just happens. Dental emergencies are especially traumatic situations. This could mean tripping and falling & cracking your tooth, or a tooth getting knocked out in an accident, or anything in between. Imagine you bite down and hear a “CRACK!” You may […]

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Reasons for Bad Breath

Posted on June 30th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Bad Breath We have all been there—whether it’s right after you wake up, after your morning coffee or perhaps a spicy meal, when you wake up, or maybe when you’re sick—you start to talk, and whoever you’re talking to backs away. We have all been victims of bad breath at some point in our lives. […]

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Dentistry From The Heart

Posted on June 1st, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

For families struggling to make it by, the prospect of proper dental care is rarely a priority. For thousands of Americans, money is tight, which means that they have to pick and choose what they spend their limited dollars on. Living paycheck to paycheck, a lack of insurance, and crippling debt plague a number of […]

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Paraffin Wax Hand Treatments

Posted on May 26th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

One of the services you’ll encounter at Pure Dental Spa is our paraffin wax hand treatment. Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based wax used to smooth and soften skin. We take your hands and dunk them in warm paraffin wax which hardens on your hands when they are removed. This opens up pores and removes toxins […]

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What to Do If You Crack Your Tooth

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Imagine: You take a drink and and chew some ice, but the “crunch” you hear is louder than it should be. You’ve just cracked your tooth. Or maybe you are on a bike ride, and you fall off your bike. The impact with the ground chips a piece of your front tooth off. You feel […]

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6 Websites for Sugar-Free Recipes

Posted on April 21st, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

Sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth. Sugar that sits on your teeth plays a role in forming harmful plaque that leads to tooth decay. It is essential that you brush and floss your teeth every day to get rid of the sugar and plaque that forms, but it is also a good idea to […]

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What Can Laser Dentistry Do For You?

Posted on April 7th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

There are a variety of uses for lasers in modern dentistry. They can be used as tools for cutting, for vaporizing tissue, whitening, and for strengthening the bond between fillings and teeth. There are several benefits to using lasers in dentistry, including that they often cause less pain than other more conventional tools. They also […]

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Why CEREC Means Fewer Trips to the Dentist

Posted on March 25th, 2016 by Dr. Rajul Patel

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a computer-aided method of dentistry used to create restorations. The major benefit of CEREC is that it allows dentists to create restorations without having to send anything to a lab. Instead, dentists can create and insert dental restorations in a single visit, instead of […]

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