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Why CEREC Means Fewer Trips to the Dentist

Published on March 25th, 2016

CEREC Dental Crowns Bloomingdale, West Loop, ChicagoCEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a computer-aided method of dentistry used to create restorations. The major benefit of CEREC is that it allows dentists to create restorations without having to send anything to a lab. Instead, dentists can create and insert dental restorations in a single visit, instead of over the course of several appointments. That way, patients do not have to waste time scheduling multiple visits for the work they need done. They simply go to their dentist, sit down, and get their problems fixed all in the same trip. If you need any work done, you should go to a dentist with CEREC technology so that you can get everything out of the way in just one appointment.

CEREC technology is used for all sorts of things. It can be used for restorations, implants, and orthodontics. Since it came out in 1985, CEREC has come a long way. It is amazing what the technology can do. Without CEREC technology, you’d have to bite into a mold which takes an impression of your bite. Then that needs to be sent to a lab where it is analyzed. The lab takes a while because they have to make a model of your mouth, and then create the part they need to make.

With CEREC, none of this is necessary. The dentist uses a camera that goes inside the patient’s mouth to take a scan of the mouth. That scan goes up on a computer screen that makes a model of your mouth right in front of your eyes. Special software then helps the dentist use this model to create the restoration needed to fix the patient’s problem. Then, that restoration gets made all from the same machine! Right there, in front of you—all in one sitting.

Not only does CEREC make your trip shorter, it makes it much more comfortable! Because you don’t have to make impressions of your teeth, the process is much more comfortable for patients. A small camera is the only thing that needs to go into your mouth, rather than the mold you need to keep in your mouth until it sets.

At Pure Dental Spa, we are all about the dental experience. We use CEREC technology to create crowns for our patients in just one visit.Minimize the amount of time you spend in the chair, and maximize your comfort by getting crowns using CEREC technology. Come, sit down in our relaxing spa atmosphere and let our dentists restore your smile. After just a few short hours, you will be able to leave with a full and healthy set of teeth.

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