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Cranky Because of Canker Sores?

Published on February 24th, 2017

Canker Sores - Causes, Symptoms & TreatmentsCanker sores are the sores that appear on the inside of the mouth either under the tongue or on the inside of your cheeks and lips, at the base of your gums, or on your soft palate. Don’t worry—these aren’t viral sores like cold sores, and you can’t spread them through sharing food, drinks, or kissing. They generally aren’t too serious, but can be seriously annoying! The severity of canker sores varies from minor to major. They can take anywhere from a few days to six weeks to heal.d

How Did I Get Canker Sores?

If you have canker sores and are wondering why—ask yourself these questions: Are you stressed? Have you been eating a healthy diet? Have you been eating very acidic foods or drinking acidic beverages? Excessive stress, poor diet, and acidic foods are all thought to contribute to canker sore development. They may also be an indicator of an underlying health problem like an iron or B-12 deficiency, or perhaps an immune system depreciation.

How Do I Get Rid Of Canker Sores?

There are things you can do to relieve the pain from canker sores, although ultimately they must heal on their own. To alleviate some of the irritation, you can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen in small doses. Stay away from super salty snacks or tart foods that could sting or make the problem worse. Rinsing with warm water can also help soothe the pain of a canker sore.

When Do I Call It In?

It’s time to see a medical professional like a doctor or a dentist when canker sores keep coming back time and time again and won’t go away for weeks at a time. Chronic canker sores may be a sign that something more serious could be wrong. If your self-care practices aren’t doing the trick to relieve pain, and pain persists, you should call a doctor to see what they recommend.

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