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What Your Dentist Can Learn About You Just By Looking At Your Teeth

Published on June 30th, 2017

Cosmetic Dentist Bloomingdale, West Loop, Chicagoelieve it or not, your teeth tell your story. When a dentist or dental hygienist takes a look in your mouth, they can learn a lot about you in a very short amount of time. The shape and condition of your teeth tell dentists more than just whether or not you have good dental hygiene- they can help to identify certain bad habits, health conditions, and illnesses.

You Bite Your Nails

If your front teeth show signs of chips and cracks or look like they are flat and leveled off, dentists may note that you are a patient that bites their nails. The wear and tear on your teeth doesn’t come from the fingernail itself, but rather from the contact between the top and bottom teeth during the nail biting process.

You’re Pregnant

Many women develop gingivitis while they are pregnant so it is relatively easy for dentists to figure out if someone is with child. Other pregnant women may notice a red bump or lump on their gums, often called a pregnancy tumor, that is completely benign and will disappear after the baby is born.

You Sucked Your Thumb As A Child

Sucking your thumb when you are young can leave lasting effects on your mouth and teeth. Your bite and the position of your teeth can be significantly impacted by this, as well as how your jaw grows together and if your front teeth begin to protrude. In most cases, these issues can be corrected with orthodontics.

You Have Diabetes

Imbalances in sugar often cause the health of your gums to rapidly change. These imbalances can lead to increased swelling, excess bleeding, and sensitivity. If your dentist notices signs of this, they may encourage you to have your doctor test if you have diabetes.

You May Have An Eating Disorder

For those that are bulimic, your dentist may be the first one to recognize signs of this disorder. Bulimia leaves a very distinct pattern of wear on the teeth and causes them to erode on the tongue side of the front teeth. This increases the likelihood of cavities in this area and makes the disorder quite easy to identify.

You May Be Vitamin Deficient

Burning tongue syndrome, increased infections, delayed healing, bone infections, and bleeding gums can all be caused by a vitamin deficiency in a patient. These are usually symptoms of a lack of iron, so be sure you are incorporating enough into your diet.

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