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Don’t Leave Your House to Go to the Spa

Published on March 18th, 2016

Spa Dentistry Bloomingdale, West Loop, ChicagoAfter a long day or week, you just want to unwind. You want to relax in a stress-free environment, which is why a lot of people go to the spa. But who says you have to leave the comfort of your home to have a spa experience? With just a little work up front, you can make your bathroom into your own personal spa. Here are some easy DIY tips to making your bathroom into your own little haven.

Natural Elements

Choose neutral colors for your bathroom paint and décor. Browns, greens, and other earthy tones will create a natural calming effect and give your bathroom an organic vibe. Dark wood and stone can be great design elements to get that natural feel. Consider also adding plants to enhance the ambience. Just by incorporating a few of these ideas into your bathroom, you’ll already feel like you’re at a retreat.

Mood Lighting

The spa experience is all about mood lighting. If you don’t already have dimming bathroom lights, make the plunge and get them—your world will be changed forever. And nothing says mood lighting like candles! Put plenty of candles throughout the bathroom so that they surround you. Now dim the switch, light the candles, and watch the room transform into a sanctuary. (Just make sure you blow out the candles!)

Calming Fragrance

Those candles we talked about above? Make sure to buy scented ones. Use natural, calming scents like lavender and eucalyptus. For those of you worried about forget to blow out the candles, consider an oil diffuser to fill the room with fragrance. Either way, make sure you are using scents that promote relaxation.

Tranquil Sounds

Having a television in your bathroom may help some people relax. That way, you can unravel after a long day by watching your favorite shows in the tub. But for the true spa experience, consider putting in Bluetooth speakers (preferably waterproof—just in case) and playing nature sounds or calming music. Tune into a radio station that plays nature sounds like rainstorms, forest noises, or sounds of the ocean. Fill the room with calming, good vibes.

Introducing even just a few of these elements at a time can be a transformative addition to your bathroom. Add each over time, and before you know it, your bathroom will be your own little haven.

At Pure Dental Spa, we love the feeling of being at the spa, and we want you to love it too! That’s why when you visit us, you receive the spa treatment! But don’t wait to come to the dentist. Implement these changes in your home today!

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