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Emergency Dentist West Loop

Published on July 12th, 2016

Emergency Dentist West Loop, Bloomingdale, Chicago

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in West Loop?

Nobody plans for an emergency. Life just happens. Dental emergencies are especially traumatic situations. This could mean tripping and falling & cracking your tooth, or a tooth getting knocked out in an accident, or anything in between. Imagine you bite down and hear a “CRACK!” You may be confused and can be left feeling scared and vulnerable. You may not know which way to turn—this is where an emergency dentist comes in.

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Chicago’s West Loop, you’ll want someone who you can trust. But with all of the different options for dental services in the West Loop, how do you know who will or won’t be a good emergency dentist? When choosing an emergency dentist, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind: Availability, experience, and services offered. You’ll also want to consider your personal comfort.


How available is the dentist you’re looking into going to for your emergency? Emergencies aren’t planned, so you’ll want to choose an office who can fit into your schedule, and is there when you need them the most. Choose a flexible emergency dentist who not only can see you when you need it, but is conveniently located. Availability doesn’t just have to do with time—it also has to do with location. Your emergency dentist should be centrally located so that getting to them is as easy as possible.

Pure Dental Spa is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am through 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm. Should you need emergency dental services on a Sunday, appointments are available by calling ahead. We are located at 1222 W. Madison Street, Suite 300 right at the corner of Madison Street and Elizabeth Street, in the heart of West Loop!


Your best bet is to choose a dentist for your dental emergency that has the experience necessary to respond quickly and effectively when under the pressure of an emergency situation. Choose a dentist who has the correct credentials, and enough years of dentistry under their belt to give you the best service possible. The more times a dentist has performed emergency procedures, the better they likely are, and the more you can trust them.

Dr. Patel has been practicing dentistry for nine years. A graduate from NYU Dental School, Dr. Patel has learned the arts of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Pure Dental Spa has specialists for all types of dental emergencies including oral surgery (extractions and wisdom teeth extractions) and endodontics (root canals).

Services Offered

Choosing a dentist that offers a wide variety of services is often a safe bet, because you can rest assured that whatever your emergency may be, they have service at their office which can help you. For example, if you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth, you’ll want a dentist who does restorative work. If the work that needs to be done is more aesthetic in nature, you’ll want an emergency dentist who has practiced cosmetic dentistry.

Your Personal Comfort

Emergencies are a stressful time for everyone. Staying calm is the number-one best move you can make in an emergency, and staying calm requires those around you to stay calm too. Your atmosphere can have a lot to do with how you feel and react to situations, so choose an environment where you feel relaxed and collected. Dental offices with soothing atmospheres can help ease your tensions in times of emergency.

At Pure Dental Spa, we offer a spa atmosphere that is sure to calm you down in times of stress.

Noise canceling headphones, neck pillows, and cooling eye masks are all amenities that we offer that can help you relax when your come in for emergency treatment. Visit our Spa Dentistry page to learn more!

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