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How Can I Help My Child Overcome Dental Phobia?

Going to the dentist is something that every child needs to consistently do as they grow up, but if your child suffers from dental phobia, the dental office is the last place they want to be. If you have ever had dental phobia, you understand their pain. Drills and other tools combined with the atmosphere of a dental office may have your child avoiding it at all costs. It is often the fear of the unknown that keeps people away from the dentist.

Whether your child is in for general dentistry services in Bloomingdale or West Loop or if they need a specific treatment like braces, our team at Pure Dental Spa wants to help them feel comfortable and prove that the dentist doesn’t have to be scary!

Here are some tips to help your child overcome dental anxiety.

Start the Process Early

The sooner you expose your child to the dentist, the better they will feel about going in the long run. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that you should take your child to the dentist as soon as his or her first tooth comes in, which is often around 6 months old! Simply exposing them to the environment is a helpful step to take.

Choose the Right Dentist

Not all dental offices are equipped to handle the needs of children. It takes an experienced and understanding team to make your child feel comfortable, which is exactly what you can expect when you visit our team at Pure Dental Spa!

Set an Example

If you are afraid of the dentist, your child is likely going to pick up on this and mimic how you feel. Even if you feel afraid, don’t let your child pick up on this! You can also make brushing a family activity and show them that it doesn’t need to be something that they dread.

Getting your child involved with general dentistry in Bloomingdale and West Loop doesn’t have to be scary! Our team at Pure Dental Spa is here to help.

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