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How Does Thumb Sucking Affect My Child’s Mouth?

Published on August 15th, 2019

Babies are born with an inherent desire to always be sucking on something. While not all thumb-sucking habits will result in damage to the mouth, if your child does it too often, they could be causing damage to their permanent teeth or even the shape of their mouth as a whole! Here is more information about thumb sucking from our family dentist in Bloomingdale and West Loop.

Potential Long-Term Effects

Please keep in mind that the following effects are extreme and may only develop if your child is vigorously sucking his or her thumb. Too much thumb sucking can put pressure on the interior of the mouth, specifically on the teeth, jawbone and roof of the mouth. Here are some common issues that could develop as a result of excessive thumb sucking:
-Overbite, which occurs when the front teeth stick out from the jaw and mouth
-Sensitivity on the roof of the mouth
-Changes to jaw shape, with the potential to impact teeth alignment as well
-Other bite issues

When to Be Concerned

It’s important that your child stops sucking their thumb by the time they get their permanent teeth in. If your child has stopped the habit by this time, the side effects will not be long-term!

When to Visit Our Family Dentist in Bloomingdale or West Loop

It’s ideal to bring your child to our team at Pure Dental Spa by the time they turn 1 year old. If your child is an avid thumb sucker and you notice that your child is developing bite problems, you can set up a reservation sooner than later to make sure that it doesn’t develop into something more serious.

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