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The Link Between Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Every November is American Diabetes Month in the U.S., and while most people understand the effects of diabetes, did you know that there is a link between diabetes and your oral health? Not only does diabetes impact your blood sugar, but it can take a toll on your oral health as well. Our Bloomingdale and West Loop dentist wants to help our patients understand the link between diabetes and how it impacts your mouth.

The Connection

Those with diabetes need to consistently control their blood sugar levels, and if it is poorly managed, there is a higher risk of oral health problems developing. If diabetes isn’t properly controlled, white blood cells become weaker. Your body’s main line of defense against bacterial infections is through white blood cells, so this puts you at an increased risk of developing a bacterial infection in your mouth.

Oral Health Risks Associated with Diabetes

If you currently suffer from diabetes, keep in mind that you are at a higher risk of developing the following:
-Poor tissue healing: Uncontrolled diabetes could result in the inability to properly heal following surgery. This is because there is a lack of blood flow to the treatment site.
-Dry mouth: We take for granted the ability for our mouths to consistently produce saliva, but those suffering from diabetes may experience dry mouth because of a decrease in saliva production. Excessive dry mouth can even lead to ulcers, soreness, infections and decay.
-Thrush: Many diabetes sufferers take medications to help keep infections at bay. However, this makes them especially prone to developing a fungal infection of the mouth and tongue, referred to as thrush.

In order to keep your risk of oral health complications to a minimum, we recommend visiting our Bloomingdale or West Loop dentist on a regular basis. Contact our team at Pure Dental Spa to schedule your reservation!

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