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Veneers During Pregnancy

Published on August 27th, 2017

Veneers During Pregnancy Bloomingdale, West Loop, ChicagoFor any mom looking to enhance her smile during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant, we highly advise that she takes a few vigilant steps before undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure. The health status of your gums and teeth should be constantly monitored during pregnancy. The growing fetus needs calcium, so it will pull nutrients from any source available in the body—including teeth. Before you schedule an appointment for veneers in the Chicago Loop, learn how the procedure could affect your pregnancy:

Veneers & Check Ups

Regular dental checkups are important to schedule during pregnancy to ensure tooth health is not being compromised by a lack of calcium. If you are pregnant and have veneers or have had any cosmetic dental procedure, be sure to tell your dentist so he or she can assess your teeth and veneers accordingly. Veneers cover teeth so this can prohibit your own ability to see any issues, but your dentist will be able to see if there is any cause for concern. If required, our team of dental professionals will take the necessary x-rays to detect any problematic areas.

Getting Veneers While You Are Pregnant

A major concern for pregnant moms during a veneer procedure is the exposure to radiation administered through x-rays. Before beginning any cosmetic or routine dental treatment, we require medical clearance from primary care providers for all pregnant patients. Through approval from your doctor, we can begin the process of veneers.
The veneer application process may require patients to lay down for an fair amount of time, depending on how many veneers are being placed. If you are far into your pregnancy and uncomfortable laying on your back, then you should likely wait until after pregnancy to perform a veneer procedure.

Where to Get Veneers in the Chicago Loop

At Pure Dental Spa, we offer porcelain veneers and Lumineers, which is a specific brand of porcelain veneer. If you feel your health is in a good stage for a veneer procedure, contact Pure Dental Spa today to schedule a consultation for veneers in the Chicago Loop.

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