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Why WaterLase Means A More Comfortable Visit

Published on January 6th, 2017

laser, laser dentistry, Waterlase, iPlus, restoration, cosmetic dentistryAt Pure Dental Spa, we utilize the latest dental technology to give our patients quick, painless, & effective treatments. We want to resolve your dental problem in as little time as possible. We also want to minimize the level of discomfort our patients feel. One of the best options for optimizing comfort in dental procedures is laser dentistry. At Pure Dental Spa, we’ve employed WaterLase dental lasers to make your visit to us as comfortable as possible.

How Laser Dentistry Works

Using a laser, a dentist can more accurately and more efficiently target tooth decay to fix it. The laser is pointed at the decayed portion of the tooth. The decay contains more water molecules than the rest of the tooth, which are heated rapidly. The laser causes the rotten area to “pop” and thereafter kills any bacteria remaining in the tooth.

Why Laser Dentistry Is More Comfortable

Lasers eliminate the heat and vibrations that often cause patients discomfort & pain. Lasers are also much quieter than traditional drills, meaning you will hardly notice that work is being done in your mouth. Lasers often eliminate the need for local anesthesia, minimize bleeding and swelling, and decrease recovery time after a treatment! Because lasers are more precise and more efficient, it also makes treatments quicker, meaning you spend less time in the chair.

Are Lasers Safe?

People often hear the word “laser” and become instantly nervous. This is often because of a distrust of new technology, or people’s preconceived notions due to things they’ve seen in movies or on TV. Let’s be clear about something: Laser dentistry is incredibly safe. WaterLase lasers are approved by the FDA, and our hygienists and dentists have been certified to use Biolase technology. Lasers are used by a wide variety of dentists nationwide and yield better results than their more traditional counterparts.

Pure Dental Spa

If you have more questions about WaterLase dental lasers, feel free to contact Pure Dental Spa. If you are looking to get procedures from oral surgery, to canker sore treatment, to cavity removal and more, you may be a great candidate for laser dentistry. Contact us using the contact form or call us during business hours to schedule your reservation!

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