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What’s Causing Your Bad Breath?

Published on March 11th, 2019

We’ve all been there: keeping our distance from our peers because we are embarrassed about our bad breath. While bad breath is normal on occasion if you have eaten something with a strong flavor or you have just woken up, but persistent bad breath can be a sign of halitosis. Our Bloomingdale and West Loop dentistp can help address the source of your bad breath so you can feel confident once again.

Gum Disease

Do you always have a bad taste in your mouth even shortly after brushing and flossing your teeth? This could be a sign that you have gum disease, which is caused by a buildup of cavity-causing bacteria referred to as plaque. Our team of dentists and dental hygienists will carefully work with you to bring your gums back to a healthy status. The first stages of combating gum disease normally include getting a deep cleaning. This procedure involves a dental scaling that, not only covers the surface of your teeth but goes below your gum levels to remove plaque and tartar buildup. After completing a deep cleaning, you’ll need to see our dental team for a three to four-month checkup to review the health status of your gums and reassess if additional treatment is needed.

Dry Mouth

If your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, it can lead to dry mouth. Saliva is important in helping to wash out your mouth and get rid of bacteria. Keep in mind that dry mouth may also be a result of certain medications. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing this side effect from a particular medication.


Your mouth is bacteria paradise! The best environment for bacteria to grow is in dark, moist areas–just like the inside of your mouth. There are hundreds of types of bacteria in your mouth at any given time. Many of them are natural, but eating can increase the number of bacteria that are growing. The best way to minimize bacteria buildup is by brushing your teeth three times per day. Once in the morning, after lunch and before bed.

Combating bad breath is oftentimes a simple fix like brushing your teeth or using mouthwash. You can also use a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria on your tongue. Make sure to clean your retainers as well!

If your bad breath persists, don’t hesitate to schedule a reservation with our Bloomingdale or West Loop dentist.

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