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If you think that the desire for perfectly aligned teeth is a modern obsession, you would be wrong. Primitive braces date back as far as ancient man, and archaeologists have discovered mummified remains with crude metal bands wrapped around individual teeth. It has been surmised that catgut was used much as orthodontic wires are now to close the gaps between the teeth.

Although the Egyptians, Romans, and other civilizations utilized various primitive orthodontic appliances, significant strides in orthodontics did not occur until the 1700’s. The first “metal mouths” of the early 1900’s actually contained silver and gold, as these metals were malleable and easy to adjust.

Fortunately, nowadays, anyone seeking to improve their smile using orthodontics will not have to endure the bulky, unsightly braces of the past. Clear or tooth colored braces and lingual braces are excellent options for older teens and adults who want to discreetly attain their best and most beautiful smile.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

All orthodontic appliances work in the same manner—by consistently applying gentle pressure, gradually moving the teeth into proper alignment. When you think of orthodontic treatment, your likely envision lots of small metal brackets with wires connecting them. These popular braces are still widely utilized, but are definitely not the only option available.

If you are looking for a less noticeable option, clear or tooth color braces may be the perfect choice. Consisting of plastic or ceramic brackets, a slim archwire is the only part that remains visible. For individuals who want their braces to remain completely hidden, lingual braces may be the best alternative. These traditional metal brackets are bonded and wired to the back of the teeth (tongue side) keeping them out of sight.

The newest additions to the orthodontists’ tool box are removable, clear plastic aligners like Invisalign. Developed in 2000, this treatment consists of a series of customized clear plastic “trays” that move your teeth a little bit at a time, until you are ready for the next tray in the series. These are an especially good alternative for anyone who wants the flexibility of removing their orthodontic apparatus for a short period of time.

Each of these appliances, removable or fixed, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To find out which option is the best choice for you, book a consultation at our Bloomingdale & West Loop locations today.

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