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I’m Anxious

I’m Anxious

As our patients are our number one priority, our years of experience have taught us that going to the dentist can be a source of anxiety for many. The discomfort, poking, prodding and fancy machinery can be overwhelming and nerve-racking to patients as they don’t interact with it on a daily basis. If you push the dentist off until absolutely necessary, your oral health may suffer as a result. As a solution to this problem, we offer three versions of sedation dentistry services as well as an inviting, spa-like experience that will transform your dentistry experiences from awful to amazing.

Three Sedation Options

Our dental professionals will help you decide on which sedation option is best for you based on the procedure you need and how anxious you get. Oral-conscious sedation will be prescribed to patients to help alleviate anxiety, agitation, seizures, muscle spasms and insomnia. Generally speaking, there are very few side effects from this type of sedation, and our oral surgeons will recommend the option they think is best.

Inhalation-conscious sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” is administered to patients via the nasal hood. Patients usually experience tingling or light-headedness, however, they may drive home without an escort, as the gas is eliminated from the body within three to five minutes. This is a more extreme type of sedation compared to oral-conscious sedation.

Intravenous-conscious sedation is ideal for more complicated procedures such as wisdom teeth removal. Our certified dental professionals will administer the medication intravenously, so it goes into the patient’s bloodstream. It works almost immediately, and it can be easily monitored throughout the procedure.

A Spa-Like Experience

Beyond sedation dentistry, we also offer services and amenities that may make you forget you’re at the dentist. When you walk in, choose from an assortment of juice, coffee, tea and bottled water to enjoy while you wait for your reservation. We also offer paraffin wax hand treatments, aromatherapy neck pillows, relaxing aromatherapy candles and cooling eye masks. Our offices also feature flat-screen televisions as well as the option to play television or listen to music via noise-canceling headphones during your reservation. If visiting the dentist used to make you feel anxious, we hope to change your viewpoint through our services and amenities.

We are changing the way people view the dentist one patient at a time. If you’re interested in our services, call Pure Dental Spa today to set up a reservation.


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