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I’m Looking for a New Dentist

I’m Looking for a New Dentist

Your smile is likely something you want to protect. You may be picky about who cares for your teeth in a professional setting, and we don’t blame you! Having good oral health is important to not only looking good but feeling good about yourself as well. If you’re new in town or if you are simply ready to make the switch to a higher quality dental service, look no further than Pure Dental Spa. Not only will we treat all of your dental-related needs, but we will do so in a relaxed, spa-like environment. Here are some things that set us apart.

A Wide Array of Services

Regardless of where you are in your dental health journey, our services will surely benefit you. Services we offer include dental implants, Veneers to fix any imperfections, in-office whitening for your brightest smile yet, wisdom teeth removal to get rid of any discomfort, same-day crowns to return you back to your everyday routine as well as endodontics and orthodontics.

Advanced Dental Technology

Dental advances are on the rise and we do our best to ensure we can bring the newest technologies to our patients. Our offices are fully equipped with tools that deliver precision and quick results such as CEREC same-day-crowns, 3D CT x-rays, Laser Dentistry, and more.

An Elevated Dental Experience

When Dr. Rajul Patel set out to create a dental practice, he realized a key insight that to this day still sets Pure Dental Spa apart. People avoid going to the dentist at all costs, so our spa-like, soothing experience flips the idea of going to the dentist on its head. From the moment you step foot into our well-kept, relaxing office, you’ll notice that this isn’t your typical dentist experience. Think aromatherapy candles, cooling eye masks, flat screen televisions and paraffin wax hand treatments, just to name a few. Plus, our dentists also recognize that no two patients are the same. You will be treated as an individual at every point throughout your experience with us. Feel free to ask our professionals questions along the way as well.

Financing Options

Going to the dentist is likely to be the least thing you’d want to spend your money on. An elevated dental experience shouldn’t mean you have to pay a ton more money. Our team takes pride in providing plenty of financing options from which to choose, and we promise to be transparent with you every step of the way. One of our options includes the Pure Dental Spa In-Office Dental Plan. This membership will cost you an annual fee and allows you to receive a discount on most dental procedures.

We want you to be our next patient! If you’re new in town or want a better dental experience, contact us today to schedule your reservation.


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