Issues like gum disease, cavities, and bite misalignment are dental problems caused by bacteria, genetics, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and even dietary choices. However, injury caused by a physical impact or habitual jaw clenching and teeth grinding (Bruxism) can also lead to serious dental issues. Dental appliances like night guards and mouth guards are used to protect teeth from damage caused by these kinds of physical habits.
Our oral health is directly connected to our overall physical health. Good diet, regular exercise, and proper oral care are all vital to protecting our teeth and gums. However, while regular exercise has shown that it lessens the chances of developing gum disease, there is often a risk of suffering dental injuries during such activities. Mouth guards help decrease the chances of this occurring, allowing people to participate in biking, sports, and other forms of exercise with fewer worries.
Often, mouth guards also help prevent dental emergencies, not merely dental injuries. Any significant trauma to the oral cavity, like being hit in the face with a soccer ball or falling and knocking out a tooth, requires immediate medical attention. Without proper treatment, more serious complications will occur.
Night guards are similar to mouth guards but have a different chief function. Night guards are specifically designed to help prevent people from damaging their teeth and jaw while sleeping, either due to grinding their teeth together or clenching their jaw. Often, these habits (known as Bruxism) can cause TMJ, a painful condition which may lead to tenderness in the jaw, headaches, ringing in the ears, difficulty chewing or speaking, and other problems.
Bruxism can also lead to teeth being worn down, face, neck, or jaw pain, damage to the inside of the cheek(s), trouble sleeping, chipped teeth, headaches, increased tooth sensitivity or pain, and other symptoms.
Finally, both night guards and mouth guards can be custom fit for patients. In most cases, customized dental guards are safer, more effective, and provide a more comfortable fit than store-bought options.

Dental Care Services in Bloomingdale, IL

At Pure Dental Spa, our dentist in Bloomingdale will provide you with a personalized night guard or mouth guard for your dental needs. Whether you find yourself waking up with headaches because you grind and clench your teeth at night, or you are dedicated to contact sports, investing in a protective appliance for your teeth will go a long way in maintaining your oral health.
When you need a dentist near Bloomingdale who can provide custom night guards and/or mouth guards, be sure to contact Pure Dental Spa today.

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