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Removable Partial Dentures

What Are Removable Partials?

Removable partials are often recommended for individuals has had teeth missing on the upper or lower part of the mouth. Partials consist of prosthetic teeth that are adhered to a gum-colored base made of plastic. Most patients enjoy removable partials since there require low maintenance and are easily removable from the mouth. Partials are a great solution to correcting a smile from missing teeth and prevents other teeth from shifting.

Let’s Get You Smiling Again!

Dr. Patel and our team of dental professionals will assess your oral health and determine if partials are the best option for you. After discussing your teeth replacement options, Dr. Patel and the Pure Dental Spa team will create a customized treatment plan centered around your treatment preferences and needs. Through impressions and fabrications, you can expect to have your complete new smile as soon as a few weeks. Take the first steps towards your new smile by calling our partial dentist today!

Are Partial Dentures Right for You?

If you are on the fence about whether partial dentures are the right tooth replacement for you, it is a good idea to schedule reservation with our dentist. We can go over the pros and cons of this tooth replacement option for your particular needs and ensure you understand why this is how you should handle your issue.

Keep in mind, when you visit our dentist, we won’t just fit you for partial dentures. We will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to determine if any other issues are present and develop a treatment plan based on what is found. If removable partial dentures are the right option, we will begin the process to have your set custom made.

The Partial Denture Process

If we determine partial dentures are right for you, we will take a mold of your mouth to ensure the set we create fits your precise specifications. We provide custom fits to ensure superior comfort and usability. Once we have the mold, it will take about a week to create your dentures, at which point you will return for fitting and to receive them.

Regardless of whether you have one or several missing teeth, you will find partial dentures are a viable and affordable tooth replacement solution. If you are ready to learn more and are in the areas of Bloomingdale, West Loop, Chicago Loop or Downtown Chicago, give us a call today. We would love to help you smile with confidence once again!


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