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Restorative dentistry can play a major role in the health and appearance of your smile. Decay and damage can leave your smile looking worn and faded, but through restorative dental care that includes crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures we can turn that worn smile into an attractive healthy-looking one you love to wear.

Dr. Patel and the team at Pure Dental Spa of Bloomingdale & West Loop, IL are dedicated to identifying hidden problems and will help you choose the treatment plan that is best for your specific situation for long lasting, comfortable results.

Crowns and Bridges

Same-day Crowns can transform your smile without having to make multiple visits to the dentist. A process that once required multiple visits to complete now requires only one. Using advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Patel takes a quick scan of your teeth which is used by the computerized milling machine. Dr. Patel selects a color of ceramic to match your existing teeth, giving you a natural-looking smile. This process requires no molds, no temporary crowns or bridges, and just a single dose of anesthesia. At Pure Dental Spa, you can begin enjoying the advantages of a complete, healthy new smile in an hour! Start your journey today (630) 307-3133 or click here

A Dental Bridge is an alternative to fill the gap where teeth are missing. We understand missing teeth can affect your self-confidence and oral health, so our team is here to provide the best solution for your situation. To maintain good oral health it is important to replace the missing teeth, so your mouth can function properly. A bridge is a great solution to correct tooth lose.

The bridge is attached to adjacent natural teeth, called abutment teeth. They can be fixed or removable. Fixed bridges are applied by either placing crowns on the abutment teeth or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. They offer more stability than removable bridges and look very natural. At Pure Dental Spa Dr. Patel and our team will present a detailed treatment plan with the best solution for your needs.

Dental Implants Bloomingdale & West Loop, IL

Advancements in technology have greatly improved the dental implant process, making it efficient and convenient for you to gain that confidence back in your smile. There are several types of dental implants available and Dr. Patel will complete a thorough exam of your jawbone and gum tissue using a 3D scan of your mouth and will recommend the best option for your specific needs and health goals.

One type of dental implant is a same-day implant. Pure Dental Spa is proud to offer same-day implants, meaning you can have an extracted or missing tooth fully restored with a permanent dental crown in a single visit.

Another more traditional dental implants option offered at Pure Dental Spa may require a three stages process. During the first stage, Dr.Patel surgically inserts the implant into the missing tooth root. The implant is then allowed to heal so it fuses with the surrounding bone to make for a secure and permanent hold. This procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, so you don’t feel any discomfort.

In the second stage Dr. Patel secures a small connector, also called a post, to the implant. Once this is complete, the gum tissue is allowed to heal before the final stage.

During the final stage Dr. Patel carefully places the custom shaped teeth on to the posts and makes final adjustments to complement your natural bite. You will leave our office wearing the smile of your dreams.

Depending on the number and type of implants used, the entire process should take between six months to a year to complete. To start your journey to a beautiful and health smile today call (630) 307-3133 or click here


Dentures remain an effective option for some patients and at Pure Dental Spa ill-fitting denture are a thing of the past. Dr. Patel carefully crafts custom dentures to look natural and feel comfortable. Pure Dental Spa and Dr. Patel offer a range of denture options including complete dentures, partial and implant supported.

Complete dentures are removable and typically held in place with a special adhesive. Full dentures are designed as a complete row of teeth situated on a gum-colored plastic base that fits over the gums. In some cases Dr. Patel may recommend dental implants to help you achieve your aesthetic and health goals.

Partial dentures are also removable and are typically an option of someone who has healthy teeth remain which can support the denture for a healthy smile.
Regardless of the denture you need or choose is right for you, Dr. Patel and the Pure Dental Spa team will help you make the best decision on a number of factors like your aesthetic goals, budget, and lifestyle habits. Each of our dentures is customized by Dr. Patel to an exacting degree so you can always wear a great smile. Start your journey to a complete smile today (630) 307-3133 or click here


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