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Wisdom Teeth in Bloomingdale, IL & West Loop, Chicago

Wisdom Teeth Procedures in Bloomingdale & West Loop

Patients who need their wisdom teeth removed often experience headaches, jaw pain, and infections due to bacteria. It can get to the point where day-to-day life is uncomfortable, and if left untreated, nearly unbearable. Our oral surgeon can help relieve this pain with wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars to emerge, usually in the late teens or early twenties. These teeth can be an asset if they are healthy and properly aligned. However, they are often misaligned or impacted, requiring them to be removed.

When wisdom teeth are not aligned properly, they can angle inward, outward, toward the second molars or away from them, or erupt in a horizontal position. This can cause crowding of adjacent teeth, nerve pain, and damage to the surrounding structures, including the jawbone.

Impacted wisdom teeth either fail to emerge and remain enclosed in the soft tissue or jawbone, or only partially break through the gum. Partial eruption allows food particles and bacteria to enter around the tooth causing, pain, infection, jaw stiffness, and swelling. When teeth fail to erupt completely they are more susceptible to decay, as they are difficult to brush or floss between.

Removing Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Because wisdom teeth are easier to remove in younger patients, when the roots are not fully formed and the jawbone is less dense, it may advisable to find out if they stand to pose a problem in the future. At Pure Dental Spa in the West Loop & Bloomingdale, we can assess your risk of misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth with a simple X-ray so that you can make a proactive decision regarding their removal.

Perhaps you are already suffering from the discomfort caused by a problematic wisdom tooth. Our team of highly-skilled dental professionals is here to help. We will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. Furthermore, the longer the pain persists, the more likely a serious infection will develop. It is always wise to seek treatment in a timely manner for any dental problem, as it will almost always get worse with time.

Spa Dental Treatment

Dental visits can be stressful and most people would rather do just about anything else than go to the dentist (especially if they have had a bad experience in the past). At Pure Dental Spa in the West Loop and in Bloomingdale, IL, we have set out to change that stereotype by providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for each of our clients. We offer spa amenities that might even make you forget you are at the dentist! We also offer sedation dentistry to ease the anxiety of nervous patients. If you have questions about sedation, feel free to ask!

Misaligned and impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious oral health problems if left untreated. If you are dealing with problematic wisdom teeth, or you simply want to have your teeth examined and assessed by a highly-skilled professional, give us a call today!


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